The INFRAMIX project was part of the 25th ITS World Congress, the most important congress regarding intelligent transportation system (ITS) on the world. The event took place in Copenhagen from 21th to 24th September at the Bella Center.

About ITS World Congress 2018

ITS World Congress is an ERTICO – ITS Europe initiative. This congress is the greatest platform for all ITS stakeholders to create new relations and seek business and partnership opportunities.  The ITS World Congress rotates between Europe, the Asia Pacific region and the Americas, returning to Europe every three years.

The Congresses provides the ideal opportunity for all stakeholders to come together, discuss and make the necessary contacts to move initiatives forward and to develop their business by exhibiting and demonstrating state of the art ITS solutions. The Congresses also showcase the latest ITS achievements from the city and region hosting the Congress, and can help increase awareness of ITS in the host region itself.

The ITS Congresses consist of three main areas:

  • Congress programme sessions and presentations of the latest developments in ITS
  • Demonstrations – showcases of current ITS technology being developed and deployed throughout the world)
  • Exhibition – exhibition booths and dedicated sessions/events

Participating in these three areas offers a unique opportunity to show and explain the latest technologies and services, with a slightly different focus for each.

During the Congress, participants also have the opportunity to arrange more focused ancillary events before, during and after the Congress, as well as having access to meeting rooms, lounge areas and hospitality rooms. ERTICO develops specific mobile applications, networking facilities, webinars, videos, interviews and articles on both topics in focus at the Congress but also on the different companies participating. This provides the ERTICO Partners with yet another means to promote their technologies and services (

INFRAMIX participation

The INFRAMIX project was presented by its partners ICCS, Abertis Autopistas and AustriaTech during joint sessions and workshops. In addition, a special presentation took place together with related projects as CoExist and TransAID at the European Commission stand. INFRAMIX obtained a notable presence and attracted the interest of the conference participants.

The project was involved during the following activities:

  • SIS (Special Interest Session) 36 “ICT serving automated road transport” on 18th September

The goal of this session was to gather key in the field of connected and automated road transport and offer the opportunity to present the current initiatives, debating open needs and future challenges, while investigating the outlook of those technologies. Martin Russ on behalf of AustriaTech (INFRAMIX coordinator partner), presented the project during this session and pointed out several important aspects concerning ICT for automated road transport from INFRAMIX point of view, which are amongst others to:

  1. Define functional communication requirements so that automated road transport can be supported in the best way.
  2. Highlight that it is important to analyze different elements and their potential contribution to support mixed traffic situations on the basis of concrete use cases.
  3. Develop simulation tools to be able to evaluate effects of different measures.
  • Session “Road infrastructure support levels for automated driving”, 19th September, TS28 – Roadmaps to deployment

Jacqueline Erhart from ASFINAG presented INFRAMIX

Jacqueline Erhart from ASFINAG presented INFRAMIX during the session “Road Infrastructure Support Levels for Automated Driving”. Road infrastructure can provide additional information for on-board decisions of CAVs (connected and automated vehicles) and a classification of infrastructure support is needed were presented as some of the main presentation conclusions. After this, an open discussion about ISAD (Infrastructure support levels for automated driving) was held. During the session,the participants shared interesting views on the subject.

  • Joint session “How road infrastructure can support the transition to automation and the coexistence of conventional and automated vehicles on the same network” together with related projects CoExist and TransAID at the European Comission (EC) stand (C2-060), 19th September, Exhibition Area. Wolfram Klar from AustriaTech gave a brief presentation with the key aspects of the project and focused on three main stages:
  1. Preparing road infrastructure for mixed vehicles flows.
  2. Supporting the coexistence of conventional and automated vehicles.
  3. Evaluation of INFRAMIX developments.
  • Workshop (Part 2 – Brainstorming) “TM 2.0 and hybrid infrastructure as enablers for MaaS in the context of automated transport”, 20th September. Representatives from the INFRAMIX partners ICCS, Abertis Autopistas and AustriaTech attended.

A brainstorming session that aims to discuss how can TM 2.0 concepts be combined with the hybrid infrastructure in order to enable MaaS in an automated or mixed traffic environment took place. The session was meant for MaaS stakeholders, for public and private traffic management stakeholders, road operators and any other stakeholders interested in the above concepts and keen to untangle the complexity of what lies ahead.

TMC 2.0 is a result of the digitalization of the infrastructure. The road operators thanks to the hybrid infrastructure have the opportunity to create new mobility services managed in a new or existing MAAS platform providing a transversal service for your whole journey.  The objective is also to connect interurban areas and the city with these new services. Finally, the coexistence of different types of vehicles arises new challenges for road operators and allows new ways of managing traffic, based on advanced traffic models.

Speakers: Session moderator Evangelia Portouli ICCS, Andy Taylor, Cubic Transportation Systems Strategy Director (USA); Steven Shladover, Consultant University of California PATH Program (USA); Jaap Vreeswijk, Traffic Arquitect MAP traffic management, the Netherlands; Pedro Barradas, Policy Officer, EC DG MOVE Belgium; Xavier Daura, Innovation Manager, Abertis Autopistas España, Spain and Frans Van Waes, New Business Developer, Vialis, the Netherlands.

Information related to the project was also available at the ITS Austria booth.

In addition, the brand new INFRAMIX project brochure was introduced to the conference participants and information related to the project was deliverable by INFRAMIX partners. Download and share our full dissemination materials here.