Joint Stakeholder Workshop of INFRAMIX and TransAID

Workshop on infrastructure requirements and traffic control strategies for automated driving

Inframix and TransAid organised a joint workshop in Graz, Austria on 9th October 2019. The goals of the workshop were to:

  • Explore in more detail how increasing automated vehicles are likely to behave in various traffic situations and how this may affect the traffic management task;
  • Provide insight to the role that communication technology (digital infrastructure) can play in the shorter term of connected transport and the longer term of automated transport;
  • Promote reflection and knowledge sharing among technology stakeholders on proposed solutions, especially regarding their role and responsibilities as automated driving evolves.

This second INFRAMIX workshop took place on the same week of testing days on the Austrian test site of the project.

Parallel sessions

After the first welcome by Ms. Eva Hackl (ASFINAG) and Mr. Aldo Ofenheimer (Virtual Vehicle), Mr. Rafal Stanecki (DG MOVE) gave an insight into the European perspective and the strategic directions of the Horizon2020 research programme. “Infrastructure should show what is possible and not wait for it to happen”, he said. Consequently, Mr. Wolfram Klar (AustriaTech) and Mr. Julian Schindler (DLR) presented Inframix and TransAid respectively.

The main discussion session ran simoultanously and revolved around:

  • Session A: Limitations of automated driving – ODD, by Mr. Alexander Frötscher (AustriaTech) and Mr. Julian Schindler (DLR);
  • Session B: Modelling infra-assisted automated driving and simulation findings, by Mr. Evangelos Mintsis (CERTH) and Mr. Selim Solmaz (Virtual Vehicle);
  • Session C: Traffic control strategies for mixed traffic by Mr. Anton Wijbenga (MAPtm) and Mr. Michele Rondinone (Hyundai);
  • Session D: ISAD – how can infrastructure support automated driving? by Mr. Stamatis Manganiaris (ICCS).

The workshop participants also had the opportinity to meet and join the INFRAMIX testing team during several tours along the INFRAMIX Austrian test site.

Workshop presentations and parallel sessions

Poster exhibition

A poster session ran throughout the workshop. Both Inframix and TransAid elaborated some posters to convey some information regarding their projects, such  as demonstrations and expected results. The poster session raised awareness among the workshop attendees regarding the status of automated mobility and on the innovations introduced by INFRAMIX and TransAid. The posters also engaged participants by fostering informal discussion during coffee and lunch breaks.

The poster session during the workshop

You can find the final agenda of the joint workshop here. Want to meet the experts? Our Linkedin group  is the platform to continue discussing the content of the event and much more topics about automated driving.