Stamatis Manganiaris from ICCS took part in iFRAE2019 in Shanghai representing INFRAMIX project. His presentation was focused on Intelligent Infrastructure and the Future of ITS.

iFRAE is the International Symposium on Frontiers of Road and Airport Engineering. It was firstly held in 2011 and then biennially since 2015. The 4th iFRAE was held in Shanghai from October 25th to October 27th, 2019.

Mr. Manganiaris in his presentation highlighted that the future of ITS is a matter of cooperation among cars (both autonomous and conventional), road infrastructure and drivers. He briefly explained which is the vision, while he also explained what C-ITS may be. Continuing, he underlined the benefits of automation (I2V, V2V) as well as the challenges coming up from the integration.He also presented the Infrastructure Supported Automated Driving (ISAD ) classification, which is an outcome of INFRAMIX Task 5.4 and  the first concrete and detailed classification of Infrastructure according to its automated capabilities. Concluding, he talked about the future of ITS, including Mobility as a service, cars talking one each other, and other innovations. Closing, Mr. Manganiaris presented market opportunities that arise for ITS linking research to markets. You may find and download the full presentation here.