Inframix at ITS European Congress 2019

INFRAMIX participated in ITS European Congress in Brainport-Eindhoven in the Netherlands from 2 to 6 June 2019.

What is ITS European Congress?

ITS European Congress is the most important congress on Intelligent Transport System (ITS) in the world. ERTICO, the European Commission and a hosting European city organise it every other year, that is in the years when the ITS World Congress is planned outside Europe. The 13th edition in 2019 was entitled ‘Fulfilling ITS Promises’, a leitmotiv reflected across the many presentations, demonstrations and exhibitions of this international event. According to their website, the 2019 editions was attended by 3500 participants from more than 50 countries across the globe.

Why did INFRAMIX participate in ITS European Congress 2019?

Several partners of the INFRAMIX consortium, including ICCS, Asfinag and Siemens took part in different sessions at ITS European Congress 2019:

  • SIS14: “Truck automation & platooning”;
  • SIS38: “Infrastructure-assisted vehicles: from security requirements and software architectures to implementation solutions” with SaferTec;
  • SIS45: “Towards an integrative approach for safe and secure automated driving” with InterACT and L3Pilot.

Martin Russ from AustriaTech and Giannis Karaseitanidis from ICCS presenting INFRAMIX at ITS European Congress. 

As a leading project boosting connected infrastructure, INFRAMIX took the chance offered by ITS European Congress to showcase its innovations and solutions advancing automated driving and smart mobility. Furthermore, the event represented an excellent occasion to network with relevant stakeholders and decisionmakers in the field of MaaS and automation, as well as to cooperate with similar European projects.