In an interview for Spain’s journal Diari de Tarragona, Carlos Pitarque, Technology and Innovation Director in Autopistas, talked about INFRAMIX and shared his point of view regarding automated driving. He stated that, in the long round, there should be only automated vehicles circulating the streets.

Regarding Inframix, he explained the project and how, via founding from the program H2020, its goal is to make the necessary adjustments in order for roads to support autonomous vehicles, with main focus in coexistence with traditional automobiles. Of course there’s always the issue of security and how are these vehicles going to circulate, but Pitarque ensured that safety is Inframix’s main priority. Changes in highways are going to be gradual and will go hand in hand with the autonomy gained by the vehicles, all accompanied by constant testings and improvements, especially regarding communications.

The full interview is available in pdf HERE