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We’re thrilled to present to you our first INFRAMIX Newsletter, which includes:

- An overview of the successful participation of INFRAMIX at the TRA’2018 conference:
  • INFRAMIX participation highlights
  • INFRAMIX presentation at the session “Connected and Automated Transport – Automated transport: enabling methods and technologies” by Dr. Angelos Amditis
  • Dissemination material used during conference

- The latest updates from the project official deliverables: 

  • D2.1 Requirements catalogue from the status quo analysis (*)
  • D2.2 Architecture and interface specification of the co-simulation environment (*)

- A video of the state-of-the-art technology and equipment of the test site in Austria.

(*) This document has not yet been approved by the EC services

INFRAMIX is preparing the road infrastructure to support the transition period and the coexistence of conventional and automated vehicles. INFRAMIX main target is to design, upgrade, adapt and test (in simulation and in real-world) both physical and digital elements of the road infrastructure, to enable the coexistence of automated and conventional vehicles, in specific scenarios, ensuring an uninterrupted, predictable, safe and efficient traffic; the key outcome will be a “hybrid” road infrastructure able to handle the transition period and become the basis for future automated transport systems. Find more information about the project at


INFRAMIX project was presented during the Transport Research Arena 2018 (TRA) Conference at Vienna, which has taken place from 16th to 19th April in Vienna, Austria with a successful result. Among the different expositions, Dr. Angelos Amditis and Mr. Martin Dirnwöber represented the project.

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INFRAMIX presentation during the TRA 2018

On Monday, April 16, 2018, INFRAMIX project was presented by Dr. Angelos Amditis (ICCS) during the session “Connected and Automated Transport – Automated transport: enabling methods and technologies” which addressed topics such as automated driving, digitization, and innovations in infrastructure.

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Within the INFRAMIX Project, three public deliverables have been provided until now. These documents reflect the project and its results and are written and reviewed by the project experts.

Dissemination Material of INFRAMIX

Here you can find the dissemination material of INFRAMIX, that was developed for the TRA conference.

Austrian Test Site Video

There is a new video presenting the technological infrastructure deployed in the Austrian Test site
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